Contest Entry F.A.Q.

Contest Entry

No contests are running today.


How does the contest work?

Anytime you hear the "contest ad" on the air, visit the contest page and enter the time (in 24hr format) that you heard the ad. The seventh listener with the correct answer wins bitcoin.

Where do I put in the answer?

The boxes to input your answer only appear after the ad has aired. (You may need to reload the page.)

What if I enter the wrong answer?

You can keep entering until the contest is won.

Can I win more than once per day?

Yes! Every time the "contest ad" is played, bitcoin can be won.

How much do I win?

$20 of bitcoin (more or less - value subject to fluctuation)

What does it mean when the "current entry period has ended"?

The previous contest has already been won, or the time window to enter has passed and the next contest will soon arrive.

When do I get paid?

You get your bitcoin INSTANTLY upon winning! You will get the public and private keys upon winning the contest. There will also be an option to e-mail yourself the keys. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE OR COPY THE KEYS, BECAUSE ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE REALLY GONE.

What can I do with bitcoin?

You can convert it to cash at any of the Coinme ATMs. Buy things with it at the merchants listed here. You can also try to impress friends, family, and co-workers by telling them you own cryptocurrency.

What do I do with my winnings?

Spend it, save it, donate it. Do whatever you want with it. We recommend sweeping it to a hardware or software wallet for safety. Some people favor the Electrum wallet, but we do not endorse any particular product.

Can you help me with my computer/smartphone/other device?

No. Olympia's Classic Rock plays awesome music, but does not provide technical support.